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3 min readMay 5, 2021
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DISCLAIMER: Before you read this article on ways to stay productive, let me tell you-mere reading doesn’t work until and unless you won’t put work to be productive. Productivity is a blend of strategic planning and focused efforts. It looks effortless when you’re reading an article like this. But in practice, it’s not.
Here are 10 simple ways (that we frequently overlook) to stay productive. I have found these ways to be helpful, and hopefully, it will help you out in one way or the other

1. Set up the morning routine: A steady morning routine is the first step towards productivity. Because the first 60 minutes of your day belongs to your dream. You work for yourself, your body, mind, and soul. Make sure to wake up early, exercise, have a healthy breakfast, make your To-do list. Make your productive morning routine. And you are good to start your day.

2. Prioritize: Major confusion that we have when we want to start work is, from where to start, what to do first, these questions often take up a lot of our precious time. By following the time management matrix by Stephen Covey, you can cut the time spent deciding what to do and truly focus on the work.

3. Say no to Distractions: AVOID DISTRACTIONS! Distractions are the primary root cause that won’t let us be productive. Keep your phone aside while working, try not to use it before starting the work. Distractions kill productivity. Use the forest app when you are working to increase productivity.

4. Stop procrastinating: Procrastination is the enemy of productivity. Overcome this harmful habit. It’s challenging, it’s hard, but it’s not impossible. Whenever you think of delaying the job, at that very moment, try to think of why you are doing this, think about your dream.

5. Less Hype, more work: Most of us lie to ourselves, we often say I will top in class, I will start this business, I will be very successful in my life, but our actions don’t match our words. There is a gap between our efforts and saying; we need to fill that gap to become productive and successful.

6. Set SMART goals: “SMART” goals mean Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Set daily, weekly, monthly goals, and keep a check on them. It will enhance productivity in your work. SMART goals

7. Create ambiance: Ambience adds to productivity. De-clutter your desk, keep things organized, light up the room, play light music, and, most importantly, turn off your phone notifications.

8. Take a short break: Working for a long time will create stress, boredom, and exhaustion. So, it is necessary to short refreshment break like 15 minutes break after 90 minutes of work.

9. Stop and reflect: Take a step back and see what’s working, what needs to change, and accordingly, optimize your work.

10. Night routine: Relax. Sleep early. Have a sound sleep.

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